Surprise! Sfogliatelle!

Business has been a bit slow with vacations and such, so I found the time to make a batch of sfogliatelle, a special pastry originating from and prominent in Naples. Its origins were in hallowed convents where the cloistered nuns found the time away from prayer to craft this labor-and-patience-intensive pastry. Their dutiful hands were able to stretch the dough into very fine strips and delicately assemble them into almost infinite layers. Its name, sfogliatelle, means many leaves and is indicative of the layers. My pastry isn’t as fine as the nuns’, but I think you’ll find them tasty. Place your order early because they are limited in number.

In the biscotti box for the first time are Frollini, the crumbly butter cookie that is dipped in chocolate and layered with jam. Joining them are S cookies and Rum Raisin biscotti. As always, cannoli are available too.