Italian Traditions for the Holidays

This time of year there is no shortage of special treats to celebrate the season. Although I won’t have a new location open for this holiday season, I thought I’d use my website to write about the many seasonal specialties that Italians prepare for the holidays to get us in the spirit.

Most notable among Italian holiday traditions is Panettone, the sweet bread dotted with candied fruit and renowned for its buttery texture. Panettone is a traditional sweet bread served at Christmas in Italy and around the world. It was created in Milan, and is made with a bounty of ingredients, including butter, eggs, candied fruit and raisins. The preparation of Panettone is a day-long process composed of several stages to incorporate the butter and other ingredients, and develop its delicate texture.

Many stories are told about the origins of Panettone. One says that it was named for the man who first made the bread, a poor baker named Tony in the 15th century. Hence, pan (bread) di Toni or Panettone.

For now, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and wonderful holiday season!