Baci and Bocce

Two words in Italian are sometimes confused by Americans: Baci (pronounced baa-chee) and Bocce (pronounced bo-chay). Baci means kiss and bocce is a sport that is popular around the world and was played as far back as Roman times.

Baci di Dama is one of the cookies in our box this week. It means “lady kisses” and are two half circles joined by a chocolate center. The cookie is made with almonds for a classic chocolate-almond combination. It shares the attention in our assortment with Pignoli cookies and Anise biscotti. Pignoli were always a popular in our bakery, partly because we make them wheat-free and also because they are delicious. Made with almond paste, they are loaded with flavor and chewy goodness.

Since it was such a favorite last week, we have the Mascarpone and Raspberry Tarts again this week, just in case you missed them or want more. These have shaved chocolate on top of the raspberries for added flavor. The tarts serve 1-2 people, and larger ones are available if you inquire through the contact page.