A Name Tells a Lot

Legend has it that Amaretti (little bitter things) were invented in either the 1600s or the 1700s. A baking couple created it to honor a visiting cardinal to their town of Saronno. Using apricot kernels (poisonous bitter almonds) and cooking them long enough to purge the poisonous cyanide from them, the Amaretti cookie was invented. But from the prior century there is a story that a pastry chef in Venice invented them during the Rennaissance. Whatever the story, Amaretti are found all over the world individually wrapped in a fine paper and boxed in decorative tins.

This week’s biscotti/cookie box is Amaretti, Fig Walnut Biscotti, and S Cookie. Our tart for the week is a Mixed Berry Gallette. The free-form crust is made with cornmeal for a rustic flavor and filled with blueberries and strawberries.

Amaretti are a wheat-free and gluten-free cookie made with almond flour. The biscotti for this week are flavored with orange extract and baked with hunks of dried mission figs and walnuts.

There are different ideas about why S Cookies are shaped like the letter “S”, but the one I’m most fond of is that it stands for Sicilian. It’s a fun cookie for toddlers because it’s a simple, easy to handle shape and down-to-earth buttery flavor. And adults like it too! Like all of our products, it has real ingredients and is not too sweet.