Working out the kinks

It’s my second week of baking and things are going great! Thanks to all of you who ordered the first week. It was a nice way to re-start my business—seeing dedicated fans of my products. We are aware of the bumps that remain in the ordering system, and we will be ironing them out shortly.

Generally, here’s the way it operates:

Every Sunday the new menu comes out for the week. Orders can be made from Sunday morning until Friday at 10 am for pickups on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. All orders must come in 24 hours in advance to ensure availability. Currently, with my kitchen time availability, the ordering process requires the shop feature to be shut down from Fridays at 10 am until Sunday at 8 am.

This week’s special biscotti/cookies are Anise, Amaretti, Della Nonna and Zaletti. Amaretti are a wheat-free and gluten-free cookie made with almond flour. They are often ground up and used in a lot of desserts as a crunchy topping.

Della Nonna are named “grandma’s cookie” because it’s a favorite recipe passed down in many families. A butter cookie covered in sesame seeds, Della Nonna are baked to a golden brown so they have a lot of caramelized flavor and a crumbly texture.

Our Anise Biscotti are well-loved and just firm enough to take a dunking. I adjusted the recipe from my previous one to include anise seeds for an additional textural bite.

Zaletti are made with cornmeal and sweet currants. It has a gentle crunch and gets sweetness from its currants.

The tart of the week is a walnut liquour Pasta Croce—made with ricotta custard. “Pasta” in this context means dough, and “croce” means cross. It’s named for the cross of dough on the top of the tart.

Send me a message if you have a special request, a suggestion, or a question. I’m always happy to hear from my customers! Remember ordering is 24 hours in advance, with no same-day orders.